Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Support the UCU's Marking Boycott - a letter to students..

Students may be aware, a dispute is currently taking place between university management and the staff’s union (UCU) over the unreasonable and unjustifiable job cuts, which could see our tutors sacked in the hundreds (yes, this is a big deal).

If tutors and admin staff go that means larger classes; less time with tutors; overworked and stressed tutors; overall, a dwindling quality of education.

To top this all off it will be taking place alongside a backdrop of rising fees. Do these university ‘bosses’ take us for fools? They want to take away what little time and attention we get from our lecturers and make us pay for the pleasure, like it’s some kind of perk! Two words: ludicrous, nonsensical.

To find out why the planned job cuts are illogical and not ‘necessary’ read the Fight Cuts at Westminster Blog here:

So, to fight for a decent future in Higher Education we must stand in solidarity with our lectures - now before it’s too late - and any action they take to save their jobs and fundamentally our - and the following generations - educations

On May 5th lecturers went out on strike to withdraw their labour and send shockwaves to management, making them aware that compulsory redundancies will not be taken lightly, and too right!

To follow on from that, some of our lecturers will be taking part in ‘Action Short of Strike’ which was overwhelmingly voted for in the latest UCU ballot.

This action began recently on March, 21, and means that tutors will be boycotting marking exams and coursework for a short while causing slight disruption in the marking process.

This is one of the only ways to reinforce to management how important tutors are within the education system, without them it simply wouldn’t work. It almost seems if management had their way they’d cut back on staff entirely; leaving us no resources other than books, but they’d still take our money!

The boycott may mean getting your results back a little late, and yes, is a pain! But, UCU has been left with no other option; they’ve been in negotiations with management for months now and results have been fruitless. This ‘action’ really is the last resort.

Please join us in supporting our lecturers through this time and hopefully together we have a better chance at saving the future of higher education..

Fight Cuts at Westminster