Saturday, 6 February 2010

National Convention Against Fees and Cuts

Students, education workers and activists from across the country gathered on Saturday with the aim of stepping anti education cuts campaigns, on a national level, up a gear.

The National Convention Against Fees & Cuts, which was held at University College London, saw over 100 partakers grapple with the pressing matters facing students and eductaion wokers over a day of workshops designed to tackle and question the future of education and the imminent cuts of up to £3 billion.

The event which was hosted by UCL Students for Free Education, with a presence from anti-capitalist education oragisations such as Education Not for Sale and Another Education is Possible, succeeded in its aim of 'a concrete result' in the closing plenary session, in the form of a democratically designed manifesto. (Which will be posted as soon as available)

Other structural decisions were voted into place too which will see regional caucuses take place on a two-weekly or monthly basis, with the aim of broadening and strengthening individal campus cuts campigns and seeking to build an overall coherent, national resistance.

A national student demonstration has been set for March, 20.

The day saw students get involved from across the board, from FE to HE, and even across the ocean with a special attendance from Austrian students.

It is without doubt a sign of a stronger movement ahead ...

Future anti-cuts events include: Take Back Education at King's College London, Feb, 27.

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