Thursday, 4 February 2010

Why Campaign?

In December the government announced plans to make cuts of up to 33% in higher education funding, amounting to some £3 billion. This comes alongside talk of staff redundancies, course closures, and £30,000 tutition fees for students.

Taking this lead, management at the University of Westminster have already proposed deep cuts of up to 285 jobs by July. This a short-sighted attempt to deal with the financial problems currently facing the university

What does this mean for staff?

For those who remain, the cuts will mean increased workloads to cover the work of those who have gone. Academic staff will face larger class sizes and less administrative and technical support, with these staff facing longer hours and increased stress.

What does this mean for students?

Students will undoubtedly have a worse experience with increased class sizes, stressed lecturers and even less time with their tutors.

According to National Student Survey, the University of Westminster currently has one of the worst student satisfaction rates in the country. Cuts will only deepen this dissatisfaction.

Management are telling staff to tighten their belts, while their average salary has risen to £193, 000!

They are not interested in listening to staff and students! WE NEED TO BE UNITED AND ORGANISED IF WE WANT OUR VOICE TO BE HEARD!!

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