Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Finally, the chance for Westminster staff and students to air their voices en masse, in opposition to management's job cuts and course closures, is upon us.

Next Monday, March 1, 3pm at Regent Campus (main entrance) is set to see an unprecedeted mobilisation of tutors, support workers and students from Westminster and beyond holding the court of governors and vice-chancellor to account by performing a lobby of their conference.

The vice-chancellor has openly announced that job cuts are the initiative of the governors, not himself. Well, let's ask him for ourselves this Monday!

Why have we been forced to take action?

This protest comes upon a backdrop of course slashes, nursery closure and 200 tutor, administrative job cuts set for April this year.

This conglomeration of cuts will result in a dwindling qulaity of education with less tutors on the ground, and yet when extrapolating recent trends at the university, more managment on the top. What use is that to us?

We say NO .. do you?

Support staff and save the future of education at Westminster; bring banners, placards and noise!

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