Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The first occupation is over, but, the struggle continues ..

Earlier this year, management at the University of Westminster announced their intentions of making over 250 cuts to staff jobs; they claimed cuts were being pushed through by the University's Court of Governors. In response ,over 200 students stormed a meeting of the Court of Governors on the March, 1, before occupying the Vice-Chancellor's office.

For 3 days and 2 nights, students had full control of the main management and administration rooms at Regent Street Campus. The aim was not to disrupt the education of other students, but rather to disrupt management's strategy of running this university as a business with no regard for the welfare of staff and students.

We stand in solidarity with all staff and students at this and other universities who are taking action against job cuts.

Our demands are clear - we call on management to :

1. Place a moratorium on all job cuts pending a financial review and issue a statement on the avoidance of all compulsory redundancies.

2.Make freely available to the trade unions ( UCU and UNISON), the Students Union, and the Fight cuts campaign all appropriate financial documents pertaining to the university's finances.

3. Produce alternative, sustainable plans for addressing the university's financial deficit, over the next several years.

4. Ensure that no student or member of staff involved in actions against job cuts faces any repercussions or reprisals

5. Arrange a public meeting, in agreement with all named parties, where the above will be announces and agreed.

Our occupation is only the start of a wider campaign against job cuts at the University of Westminster.

We demand a greater say for students and staff in how this university is run. We will occupy and reoccupy any part of this university until our demands are met!



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