Sunday, 14 March 2010

Where's the logic? Part 1..

Up until now this blog has been informative on a basic cuts-facts-information level, but let's take a deeper peek into the perplexing actualities of some of these cuts, past, present and future, over a few blog entries.

Ugly cuts are not a sudden manifestation in Westminster, in fact, they've been appearing in some of the most 'logically' unlikely departments for a while. For example, media heads at Harrow Campus would have noticed an almost-sudden, almost-demise of technical staff in the film technology/ editing department (not because there isn't oodles of demand for assistance).

Whereas five members of staff used to provide four hours of technical support for all students every working day, today sees an unfavourable scenario of only two members of staff providing help over two days for considerably less hours.

Not only is this unacceptable and a pain in the ass for the technologically-incompetent film student (Putting my hand up for that one!) but it forces the two staff - who teach classes and study for PhDs too - into an overabundance of work, maxing out their productibilities to a worrying extent (I've had the liberty of seeing one of the crammed timetables). I don't know whether you agree, but the last thing I want is my tutors to be tired, stressed and overworked; no one works to the best of their abilities in those states of mind.

This bizarre restructuring came about last July, when corporate services were reorganised. The five staff, who were originally hired by the IT department, were set to be sent to Cavendish Campus, incredibly, leaving none behind at Harrow. Not only this, but management were also planning to clear Harrow of all Macs, yes, you read that correctly! How ludicrous a decision considering Harrow is a media and arts campus which relies on quality editing software/equipment that simply doesn't run smoothly on PCs, if at all.

The two staff (who are still based at Harrow and were re-hired by the Media, Arts and Design department MAD) vehemently and outwardly opposed the Mac slash and were so kindly fired in return. Quite disgustingly, the other support staff, who agreed to the Mac massacre, were sent over to Cavendish and rewarded with management positions.

Just one of the many examples and a severe reminder of corrupt, bureaucratic backwardness at our university.

Luckily, MAD re-hired the two staff, and rightly so as they are both incredible teachers that deserve a secure job at the least.

What's more, on a university macro-level this example displays what the UCU declared at a meeting a little while back; a growing bulk of management and a dwindling, flimsy number of tutors left to do the 'teaching'.

I ask you; where's the logic?

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