Monday, 22 March 2010

I support my lecturers; do you? If so, tell them to vote for strike!

The University of Westminster kicked off its staff strike-balloting period on Friday, March 19. To mark this, a public rally that heard from the likes of radical 1968 veteran, Michael Rosen, was held earlier on that week, on Wednesday.

On a macro level, Rosen spread the sentiment that this is a global struggle for all public service workers, yet, on a micro level, urged university staff that their smaller struggle is of phenomenal importance and that they must resist the intended reforms for HE.

Speakers from our students’ grassroots movement ‘Fight Cuts at Westminster Campaign’ reinforced the sentiment, and furthermore ensured staff that they are wholly behind strike action. They described it as: “a few days disruption for the sake of the next generations right to an unrestricted education.”

Other speakers, which regaled with stories of strike successes, included representatives from KCL, UCL and Sussex. Viren Swami, Westminster UCU, particularly smashed it in an emotive speech that asked why hardworking staff should have to pay for managements financial “fuck-up”.

The ballot closes on April 20; up until now Westminster’s unions have been beaten down and subsequently found themselves fairly inactive, let’s hope the current climate and sudden mass student resistance movement will encourage to staff to vote “YES”.

As students we can raise awareness through word-of-mouth and active resistance. Talk to your friends and your tutors about this ... together we can beat managements ludicrous plans!

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